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Sunday, December 29, 2013

What is it actually?

i've never heard of this news before about the unidentified weird loud sound. i never knew, until on Jan 11 &12 2012 ,the sound had been heard over Kota Samarahan,Sarawak, Malaysia which is my hometown. i was away from my hometown that time. when i heard about the sound, i quickly search it on you tube and it was true. terrified, one word to describe my feeling while watching the video. however, the sound was heard years ago all over the world,such as Canada, Holland and  in many more countries.

some argues the sound produced by the NASA project called HAARP, while the others says its the signed of the apocalypse.  meanwhile in my hometown it was said the sound was produced by "the oil palm factory testing their boiler pressure". that's what the minister said. two things still playing on my mind. who is willing to work late at night, at 1 am until 3 am? my hometown, Kota Samarahan is big, how can one factory made a sound that can be heard by almost every Kota Samarahan's residents? 

here is the video,taken at my hometown.

and this was taken on Dec 13 2013 at Rawang,Selangor, Malaysia

recently the sound still can be heard, where for us the people of lower level of clearance/pay grade its happen randomly at random place. can anyone with higher information and understanding regarding on this matter,tell me exactly what/who made those sound? yeah right...

p/s: pardon my english

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