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Saturday, October 20, 2012

LOVE is not just 1+1=2

I learnt these. You will learn it though. love is not gonna talks for you. It is you gonna talks for love. Know what? There is a person who are really prepared for a big commitment but there is also a person who are not prepared for it. Thus, they walks away and waits till time is right.

                You can always say you are in love. But the word itself it is not gonna work. I bet you know that. You just have to know what to do once you started a relationship otherwise it would just like, you bought yourself a car but you do not know how to drive a car. You see my point there? These are the reasons why a person cant just start a relationship just like that.

and there are peoples who dont know
what to do when they got the love

                One, will look at himself, especially a guy. Look at what he got, does he already fulfilled the need to start a relationship? This need will be different depends on the person itself. You woman, might says, what a bloody fool excuse, but you barely knows guys has ego. Sometimes it is bigger than the universe. Just tell me, what do you feel when a small thing that your beloved girlfriend wants but you cant get it for her? Wouldn’t his ego, dignity, credibility and what so on he got would crushed, sinks into the depth of sea, it is pitch black down there you know. That’s why, when the needs are fulfilled,they wont have to worry they would let you down, his love.

                Guys, love is not as simple as it looks like, consists of only four alphabets. What a simple word. But lies in there, millions of things that you would never imagine, beyond your imagination, expectation and preparation. Therefore, I would say. You, anyone who already started a relationship, envy is what I should describe as my feeling right now cause you are doing one of the most big things in mankind civilization.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


It’s been a long time since my last post posted. Right now I’m writing (typing) with a slow pace accompany by my hot tea on my left and penakut by Yuna wandering around my ears.
                So, to break the silent thoroughly, this semester I managed to get rid mostly of my comfort zone. Comfort zone really bad for us, too much time spent in the comfort zone will just kill all of your senses slowly till you are not aware with what is going on around you. all your senses are getting numb. almost happen to me last semester. The feel of being in the comfort zone for a long time is like you are undergoing the process to be zombified. when your friends keeps telling you, “come to your sense!” that’s mean you are on the last stage to be zombified.

                The bad thing when you are in your comfort zone (CZ), you would not or could not care of the other things since you are in your CZ. You are in your CZ and you would do anything like a boss. You are not going to do the tasks that you were assigned for or maybe you are doing it, but doing it slowly like a boss. You started to thinks “who cares if didn’t do my job, I’m resting, so let me enjoy my precious time”

King Of Nothing

                CZ Is just like the other world for you, the world where you are the boss and you are the king. The best thing in the CZ is the time is passing slowly, like 2 or 3 times slower from the local time that allows you to enjoy every minutes of your precious time in the CZ. But, unfortunately it will drowned you in time. Time passing slowly but indeed fast when you are out of your CZ. “I just got rested for 2 days, it’s not enough” complains.

                CZ is a drug. Take it less and you will not addicted to it. You take more, you will asks for more. That’s the horror fact of CZ nice and warm but deadly.

nice one.



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