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Saturday, April 30, 2011

looking 4 U

im looking for a "signboard"
but where is "it"???
i think im lost...
i need a direction...
im exhausted...
i need a "spirit"
make me alive again.
where can i find "it"???
i think im getting weaker...
right here!!!
i need your "support"
im losing my faith on winning this "game"
without "you" i think im gonna "lose"

am i alone in this world???


beautiful enough at night
twinkle softly
when daylight comes
its disappear
is it lost???
with my heart
i trust
its still up there
i trust it!!!

dear star
you are just too gorgeous
because you are who you are
twinkle with your own way
im stuck every night watching you up there

you star
you are high enough for me to jump
i wish i could go up there
bring you down with me
i wish i could
but my world arent good enough
and its nothing compare to your world up there
it make me think
you are happy with the other up there
not with me down here
so i will just keep watching on you
every night i have

dear star
suddenly im realize
i was wrong
i think the sun bring me the happiness
bright my day
you are the true one
you accompany me when there is no sun
no light
with just twinkling
i know
you are trying to comfort me
no doubt...XD
i learned that,
its not about how bright the light is
it is about how much its mean to you

i dont want to loose you
but for now
i will just keep watching
i wish
i could jump higher than i ever try
and bring you down here with me
whatever happen
i know you are still up there
my dear star...

p/s: it should be a poem
but i just cant write a poem...YET...hahaha
all i could do is
write and write whatever in my mind juz now
this is just about my star...XD
(sorry,broken English )

love her/him with a pure heart... =)


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