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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Stop It PLEASE...

What happen nowadays? Child abuse,and even now baby abuse? I know its not a new thing. I don’t know where they got such a cold heart to torture the child, the baby?! Urgh… kinda angry when I heard and saw the picture of the kids being abused. What I cant bear the most is not the anger but the,erm…I don’t know how to describe the feeling where you feel really sorry with the kids, feel really sad,cant even have a heart to look at the picture of the kids even listening to people talking how bad the kids being abused,tortured! They are just to small,to bear the pain!!! Feels like wanna crying… im thinking,how the baby crying out so loud to tell them to stop torturing them,they cant even talk to tell you to stop!!! You are really out of your mind! You are not human,not even an inch of your body should be called as human!
Pictures and videos being posted in FB. Im sorry,but those who posted those things,are an idiot! I know,you are trying to deed a good thing.spreading the news,trying to what? Open wide peoples eyes not to do the same thing? Yeah,its so nice of you… but,the picture of the baby,with a bad wounds,bruises… its just too cruel to watch! The most stupid of the stupid posted a video,that’s more cruel and painful to watch!!! * im not watching. Just spread the news in writing. Its more than enough for us,or for ME.  Sorry , what I think of you people who posted those things on Fb or twitter? You are just an ATTENTION SEEKER! Trying to tell people that you are good as angel up above the sky by using that poor little abused baby! Shame on you!
I have one little brother,around 2 years old. i love him so much. I cant even lay my hand on him. He just a little boy,sweet little boy. Who cry when he scare,when he need you… cry when he need a hug. They are such trouble maker sometimes,but do you cook your own food when you are 2 years old? flushed the toilet on your own? Staying alone at home without anyone keep an eye on you? You are just the same as the baby when you are a baby! Then, what is the point for doing those things? Hurmmm… I feel much better right now. Say NO to child abuse.


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